The Wellness Revolution Team

Virginia Compton


Virginia the founder of Wellness Revolution Retreats and is also your UK retreat host, and your India & UK Yoga and Ayurveda therapist. She has been teaching Yoga since 2008 and worked as a nurse in the NHS for 27 years. She also works as an Ayurvedic chef & massage therapist. She has hosted several retreats in the UK, Spain and India. When you contact us Virginia will liaise with you about the retreat and deals with most of the administration. You can read more about Virginia: on her website.

Virginia Compton


Vidyaruchi is our wonderful chef for our UK retreats. 
He has been a Buddhist for twenty years, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order for 12, and has worked as a cook at various times in his life. He travels around quite a bit, mostly between a cabin in Norfolk and a retreat centre in Herefordshire. When he's not cooking (which is most of the time) he likes to read, write, and play musical instruments.

Virginia Compton


Martina is our fabulous UK Ayurveda massage therapist. During her career as a documentary filmmaker, she spent several periods of time with indigenous communities in Central and S. America, developing an interest in traditional knowledge and plant medicine. Studying the Ayurvedic health system and its application through massage therapies has been her main focus since then. Her goal is to hold space for self-healing, awareness and harmony.

Virginia Compton


Shibu has been an Ayurvedic practitioner since 2004 and is based in Kerala. He co-ordinates Ayurvedic services in the local area as well as working with the local Ayurvedic hospital & doctors. He is a Yoga practitioner and practices the traditional Kerala martial art, Kalari. He sources our venues & therapists and organises our cultural visits and local sightseeing tours. He also assists you with onward travel in India should you wish to extend your trip.

Virginia Compton


Akhilash is our creative inspiration. He is  a pranic and reiki healer and a talented artist. He shares these skills and creates a space for creativity and reflection within our retreat schedules, giving an opportunity for self expression and deep healing which beautifully complements our Yoga and Ayurveda. 

"I just want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I walked in burnt out and exhausted, feeling I just didn’t have the energy for life. I am walking out with a renewed sense of self and energy for life."

Violetta, 2015
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